Researching Your Family History:

            How to Get Started…and Keep Going

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   Tid Bits
   Tips and Gotcha's
   Top ten myths
   Top ten reasons to do it
   Just for Fun

   An exercise using a pedigree
   Paperwork organization
   Preserving your records
   Labeling your records
   Maps and geography
   Old style dates
   Old style handwriting
   Tombstone reading
   Calculating relationships
   Family reunions

   Genealogical Programs
   Genealogical Numbering Systems
   Family Group Sheet form
   GEDCOM format
   Descendancy report
   Ahnentafel report
   Recap and Statistics
   The data pyramid

   Record types
   Vital and primary records
   Manuscript archives
   Censuses and the soundex
   Actual examples

   Where to do your research
   Kansas City area research
   U.S. GenWeb
   Recent immigrants
   Ellis Island
   African American
   Native American
   Hispanic American
   Asian American
   Recommended web sites

   Certified professionals
   Genealogical publishers/sellers
   Recommended books
   Publishing your family history
   Forms to use
   Dewey Decimal system
   Homework assignment

Proposal for Genealogy (click this please)

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   163,000 Place Names in the U.S. (1.42 MB, expands to 8.9 MB)
   15,400 Place Names in England (221 KB, expands to 2.65 MB)
   Family Group Sheet (FGS) form (45 KB, expands to 66 KB)

   Getting past research brick walls(1)
   Getting past research brick walls(2)
   NGS standards for genealogy

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   Postcard-looking Photographs Taken
   State Capitol Buildings
   US Presidential Homes/Libraries/Museumss
   Campus Signs of U.S. Colleges/Universities

   Trips 2004
   Trips 2005
   Trips 2007
   Trips 2008
   Trips 2009
   Trips 2010
   Trips 2012
   Trips 2013
   Trips 2014
   Trips 2015
   Trips 2016
   Trips 2017
   Trips 2018

   DOS Batch Commands
   VBA Reference

   Greatest NFL Quarterbacks
   Star Trek: Ranking Characters and Shows/Movies
   Ben Franklin

   Family History
   Genealogy Research Map
   Highways Traveled

   Almost Everything to Know for being an Area Director
   T-M Jeopardy
   Path to D-T-M
   Path to Distinguished Club
   How to Put on a Contest
   District 22 Old Website
   Articles written as Club VPE and District PRO/PRM
   Bag of TM Materials

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