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Family Reunions

A family reunion is an ideal way to meet your cousins and gather their family information. The attendees are truly interested in learning more about their family. Many will bring their family heirlooms and photographs (which you can copy if you brought your PC and scanner).

A family reunion can be anything from gathering in someone's home, to a picnic, to a weekend at a hotel, to a cruise. Numerous books are available to guide you on how to hold a successful family reunion. In the library, look in the card catalog (either actual paper cards or the online version) under the topic of "family reunion". Or, you can browse the library shelves in the section of the Dewey Decimal number 394.2. A web site on "how to" organize a family reunion can be seen at: www.ReunionsMag.com.

Web sites exist that allow you to post a notice of your upcoming family reunion. You can also use these web sites to find reunions for your families. Some of these web sites include:

The basics for organizing a family reunion:

  • determine the general group to be included
  • obtain contact information on potential invitees
  • select a date, city and site that the reunion is to be held at
  • select and reserve the reunion facility. If it is a hotel then make the needed reservations (note: hotels give group rates for a block of rooms)
  • create a reunion notice and include the following basic information:
    • date/time of the reunion
    • place where the reunion will be held
    • contact information for questions, etc.
    • costs involved per person/family
    • a list of things that families should bring to the reunion (e.g. food, chairs, photographs, games for children, sports equipment, etc. whatever is appropriate for the event)
    • what you want invitees to do immediately (e.g. contact the reunion sponsors, send money, make their hotel reservations, arrange for their transportation needs, etc.)
    • agenda of the reunion (e.g. programs, dinners, activities, speakers, presentations, etc.)
  • some means, such as name tags, for attendees to identify and meet other attendees
  • something to keep children safely occupied while adults visit
  • consider having an area when attendees can display their family photographs and memorabilia (e.g. tables with chairs to allow for visiting, refreshments, convenient restroom facilities, etc.)
  • arrange for a group photograph of the attendees be sure to have someone write down the names of all persons, in the order that they appear, so the photograph can be properly labeled when it is available

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