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Paperwork: Organizing and Retrieving

So, you’ve accumulated numerous letters, photocopies, certificates, photographs, notes, forms, etc. about your family. Congratulations. You are well on your way at this genealogy thing. However, you will often need to re-retrieve a particular document. You need a filing system tailored to the way you think and work. There are many ways to set this up. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Alphabetical by each person’s name
  • Chronological
  • Family Groups (e.g. all families per great grandparent) – generational within each surname
  • Record type (e.g. birth certificates, obituaries, census forms, church records, etc.)
  • Some code that is meaningful to you
  • Source Document name
  • Digitize/image everything with a pre-determined naming scheme and keep a separate index

When a given item has more than one person on it, depending on your filing system, you may need to make copies of the original and file each of the copies.

Resources to Help You Organize

  • Dollarhide, William, Managing a Genealogical Project, Updated Edition, 1991, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, $18

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