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Dewey Decimal Numbers for Genealogy

The Dewey Decimal system used for numbering books by U.S. state was designed to group the states by geographical regions. The numbers for the regions are:

    Northeastern States   974
  Southeastern States   975
  South Central States   976
  North Central States   977
  Western States   978
  Pacific States   979

Each U.S. state is assigned its own Dewey Decimal number within its regional grouping number. Within each U.S. state, each county is assigned its own unique Dewey Decimal number. The Dewey Decimal numbers for the U.S. states are:

Alabama 976.1           Louisiana 976.3           Ohio 977.1
Alaska 979.8   Maine 974.1   Oklahoma 976.6
Arizona 979.1   Maryland 975.2   Oregon 979.5
Arkansas 976.7   Massachusetts 974.4   Pennsylvania 974.8
California 979.4   Michigan 977.4   Rhode Island 974.5
Colorado 978.8   Minnesota 977.6   South Carolina 975.7
Connecticut 974.6   Mississippi 976.2   South Dakota 978.3
Delaware 975.1   Missouri 977.8   Tennessee 976.8
Florida 975.9   Montana 978.6   Texas 976.4
Georgia 975.8   Nebraska 978.2   Utah 979.2
Hawaii 996.9   Nevada 979.3   Vermont 974.3
Idaho 979.6   New Hampshire 974.2   Virginia 975.5
Illinois 977.3   New Jersey 974.9   Washington 979.7
Indiana 977.2   New Mexico 978.9   West Virginia 975.4
Iowa 977.7   New York 974.7   Wisconsin 977.5
Kansas 978.1   North Carolina 975.6   Wyoming 978.7
Kentucky 976.9   North Dakota 978.4   D. C. 975.3

Dewey Decimal numbers for Other selected genealogical topics include:

      Biography   920            Genealogy, heraldry     929.x
  Bibliography   016.x   U.S. History, by date     973.x
  Canada   971.x   Colonial 1607-1775     973.2
  Church history   28x   Revolution 1775-1789     973.3
  Europe   94x   Constitutional 1789-1809     973.4
  Family histories   929.2   Civil War 1861-1865     973.7

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