Maine Vacation Spring 2008

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   A turret and ice cream

   Lake in Norway
   Hillside Cottages in Norway
   Mountains near South Paris
   Snow capped mountains near Woodstock
   Scenery near Howes Corner

   Bethel houses and other sites

   Scenery and Muskie

   Backyard Beauties Greenhouse

   State Capitol and Surrounding Areas

   Scenery along highway 201 to Jackman, ME
   In the town of Jackman
   Along highway 6/15 east of Jackman

   Scenery and Sites


   Views along the highway

   Scenery along the highway


   Case Land Transportation Museum

   Views along Hwy 202

   Houses and Buildings
   Water in the Harbor
   Buildings and Water
   Downtown Streets
   Miscellaneous Sites

   JFK Library
   Downtown Skyline
   USS Constitution
   Commons and Public Garden
   Boston Tea Party
   Old State House

   Best Photos of this Trip