How to be an Area Director in District 22

First-time Area Directors (AD) usually spend the first six months of their 12-month term (July to June) learning HOW to do their office.
The below set of topics, each with downloads and/or videos, is designed to dramatically reduce that learning curve.
It is recommended that the Area Director candidates do the following:
# Topic Videos Downloads
1Why Area Director? Assistants! Calendarn/aW.I.I.F.M.?
Calendar of Reminders
2Club Contacts and Visiting Clubs n/aClub Contacts and Club Visits
3Club Visit Reports and Distinguished Arean/aClub Visit Reports
Example Visit Report [PDF]
Distinguished Area Plan [JPG]
4Area Council and Area Newsletter n/aHow to Conduct Area Council Meetings
How to have Area Newsletters (and examples)
5Area Contests: Fall and Winter n/aHow-To: Instructions and Rule Book [ZIP]
Contest Forms [ZIP]
Agenda Examples [ZIP]
Certificate (PPT) Examples [ZIP]
6TI Reports: DCP and Awards Monitoring Club DCP (1:50) · AVI · MP4
DCP Report (3:45) · AVI · MP4
Club Dues and Officer Lists (2:25) · AVI · MP4
Club Central on TI Website (2:00) · AVI · MP4
Monitoring Club Status and Health
7New Clubs: Sponsors and Mentors n/aClub Sponsors and Club Mentors
8Info from International and District 22TI Leadership Central, Advanced Find Club (3:00) · AVI · MP4
TI Dashboard and Analysis Reports (2:05) · AVI · MP4
TI DCP and Education Awards Reports (1:55) · AVI · MP4
TI Store/Shopping (2:35) · AVI · MP4
Marshalls Reports (0:35) · AVI · MP4
District 22 Officers and Incentives (1:15) · AVI · MP4
District 22 Trio, PR, Winners, PDGs (0:40) · AVI · MP4
District 22 Calendar, Downloads (1:50) · AVI · MP4
District 22 News (1:20) · AVI · MP4
Wrap Up (0:40) · AVI · MP4
Overview of this topic plus links [DOCX]
Toastmasters Links: import into browser Favorites/Bookmarks [HTML]
9DEC and Conferences n/aDistrict Executive Council Meetings
District Conferences Generic Information
10Tips and Wrap-up n/aFinal Thoughts and Tips

Area Director Purpose in a Nutshell: For a monthly reminder of tasks, see the above link 'Calendar of Reminders'

First Steps

You are now on your way to having a successful year as an Area Director.
Ask questions, ask questions and ask more questions!

Recommended first tasks after studying this:
  1. Visit your clubs to introduce yourself and gather contact information plus learn about the club
  2. Book a room for your fall club contests, maybe team up with another AD to make things easier
  3. Make your 12-month AD plan so you will know your time commitments
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Club Visit Report (see the topic on Club Visit Reports)