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Annette Rude, DTM
District 22 Governor

Our vision is that you will explore the outer reaches of your capabilities and aspirations as a member and as a leader. Let your imagination be your guide.

Your success is our success. Our measure is Distinguished. With imagination and teamwork, we can unleash our possibilities.

Unleash your club's goals, leadership, and excellence! How? Become a More Than More Club, empower a Magnificient Seven Leadership Team, and take the Charter Challenge!

John Mulroy, ACG/ALB
Lt. Governor, Education and Training

This year we want to recognize every club that reaches the goal of being Distinguished. Doing so will ensure that each club meets their basic goal of serving their members needs. Member accomplishments are just as important and will also be recognized because that helps their club reach its goal. To help each Toastmaster get the most out of their Toastmaster experience, we are also encouraging them to participate in District activities.

Let's Unleash the Possibilities of the entire District by seeing every club Distinguished! Let's make this a year like no other where every individual earns an Educational award!

Be Goal Getters! Take a ride on the TALKRS Tour!

Rob Christeson, DTM
Lt. Governor, Marketing

We had a solid year in 2008-2009 and overcame some serious adversity with layoffs affecting many clubs. Now that we're in the new year, it's time to kick off 2009-2010 by starting on a strong note!

If your club isn't already doing so, I urge you to start a membership contest now! Our first membership campaign is the Smedley Challenge. Each club that adds five new, dual, or reinstated members during August and September earns special recognition!

There's more information on the D22 Marketing page.

Marilyn Schwartz, ACG/ALB
Public Relations Officer

Stated simply, Public Relations is getting the word out about the benefits of Toastmasters. This is a continuous process throughout the year. Start early to maximize your results.

One way to get the word out is to have a club web site that attracts guests, talks up Toastmasters, and provides current meeting information needed for people to come check it out!

Check out our Club Web Site contest!

are showing up on the D22 Calendar!
Check them out!


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